As A Body

AS A BODY is a site specific work that engages the local community to become a part of the show. It is an encounter and an exchange, where a different group gets the chance to work with the company and join the performance in every iteration.

“I’m so glad to have participated in the Vazari Dance Projects’ piece AS A BODY as part of Edmonton’s Found Festival! I hadn’t danced in a long time, despite growing up dancing. I was nervous, but Jarrett and Jessie are so encouraging and fun, and it made me take dance classes again on my own! I thoroughly enjoyed learning and rehearsing with them both – they are incredibly accommodating and patient, and the choreography is interesting to watch but simple for newer dancers. I would definitely work with them again!”
– Participant


Upcoming Dates
Edmonton, AB || The Found Festival || June 22-25, 2017

Created by || Jessie Garon
Soloists || Guillaume Biron, Jarrett Siddall, Lee Glebloom, Kassi Scott, Jessie Garon
Original Premiere || August 30, 2015, Pedestrian Sunday Street Festival
Location || Kensington Market, Toronto
Photos by || Lyon Smith