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Vazari Dance Projects (VDP) is focused on collaborative approaches to movement-based performance.

Since its inception in 2014 by Jessie Garon and Anastasia Shivrina, Vazari Dance Projects has grown to establish itself as a uniquely multidisciplinary company rooted in dance.. Direct, emotive, and intelligent movement is used alongside text and design to reflect or distort reality, creating sacred spaces for reflection on a possible world. Through this we aim to share the collective experience of our bodies and our infinite curiosity.

Coordinated and curated by Artistic Director Jessie Garon the company is comprised of critically acclaimed artists from a spectrum of mediums sharing a common sensibility and a desire to work collaboratively. Currently the activities of Vazari Dance Projects are centered around the the creation, production, distribution and promotion of the artistic work of Jessie Garon and other involved artists as well as the production of annual community based events.

VDP has presented work at various platforms within Toronto including: SummerWorks Performance Festival, The FreshBlood Series, Dance Matters, and The LabCab Festival. In 2014, VDP performed as part of the Annual Alberta Dance Festival in Calgary. The company has received residencies at The Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto and The Centre for Movement Arts in Calgary.

Vazari Dance Projects bases itself in the belief that dance is a social act that can bring together diverse communities. VDP offers opportunities for audiences and artists to encounter and enrich each other through a collision of ideas and practices, fostering a fertile ground for innovative concepts through open communication.

Our Work

New Creation 2017


Led by Jessie Garon and Shannon Litzenberger with support from Jarrett Siddall

Drawing from core principles of physical improvisation and contemporary dance technique, we will explore how to work with uncertainty, encouraging ourselves to become overwhelmed, and discover playfulness, pleasure, effort and a sense of humor. Together we will make sensory connections, generate distinct movement qualities, cultivate empathetic response, and investigate elements of choreography and composition such as time, shape, and space.

Through guided physical exploration, structured improvisation and movement-based games and exercises, we will practice using the body as a sensitive, generative, intelligent and responsive instrument of communication, navigating through a constantly shifting environment. This practice will enhance our ability to be present, as well as to effectively embody emotion and intention.

*This workshop is open to participants with or without previous movement experience.

If your interested in participating please contact freeflowdance@hotmail.com

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WORKSHOP || EDMONTON, AB, CANADA || June 26th and 27th, 2017

Led by Jessie Garon and Jarrett Siddall

10:15am-11:15am (Studio available at 10am for warm up)

Working in Uncertainty led by Jessie Garon
This hour long class will focus on finding new possibilities, speed, and power through connection to instinct. Within a largely improvisational structure, we will layer movement ideas and encourage ourselves to become overwhelmed while looking for playfulness, pleasure, effort and a sense of humour. Together we will be available to all possibilities, question our assumptions about what is possible, and surprise ourselves. We will connect to the energy of the group and cultivate a sense of community. This practise will generate a body that is a sensitive, generative, intelligent and responsive instrument, able to navigate a constantly shifting creative environment. 

11:45am-1:45pm (Studio available for cool down until 2pm)

Creation Workshop led by Jessie Garon and Jarrett Siddall

In the second portion of the workshop, participants will be guided through the creation of a solo over the course of two hours as a way to transfer knowledge about our creative process and way of working. Participants are welcome to work on an existing solo or create a new one. Drawing from key elements of composition such as time, shape, and space, participants will learn different ways of looking at work and how to manipulate small elements to become increasing specific. Participants will also learn some of Vazari’s distinct choreographic methods including creating movement from or alongside text. In addition, we will address dealing with mental blocks and looking for sources of inspiration. This portion of the workshop is drop in, however participants who do both days are encouraged to stick with the same solo to dive deeper into a decided path. 

If your interested in participating click here! http://www.abdancealliance.ab.ca/FeatsFestival/Registration.aspx

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Vazari Dance Projects hosts a number of exciting events every season. Check here for ways to engage with us, including calls and submissions

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  • This dance is both hypnotic and rousing at different moments as the two dancers fall smoothly in line with each other or when they run to and from each other, using their thick black boots to create rhythm and vibration throughout the dance. 

    My Entertainment World
  • Garon and Siddall are obviously very talented.

    My Entertainment World
  • Amazing show go while you still can!

    Mika Lillit Lior
  • Congratulations to you both! Such a great performance, you danced so beautifully together!

    Cory Boyd
  •  The pair attempt to communicate with each other with gestures, but it is the invisible link between them that really communicates, whether they are spinning away from or toward each other.

    The Dance Current